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Charm City Smoke Fest!!!!!!

Today we are announcing that we will be attending as a vendor/sponsor at the Charm City Smoke Fest in Baltimore, Maryland on April 20th 2019 from 12pm-12am. 

Located in downtown Baltimore’s Harbor East, a few minutes walking distance from the Inner Harbor. This will be the first year of the Charm City Smoke Fest in celebration of Maryland’s Medical Marijuana program. Those 18 and older with a valid MMCC and their Maryland ID will even have designated areas to ELEVATE their experience.

Unfortunately, during a free ticket celebration for Bob Marley’s birthday, the $25 dollar general admission tickets sold out, 5500 in total! But have NO FEAR, you can still PURCHASE VIP TICKETS at $50 a pop while supplies last (less than 300 left)! These VIP TICKETS come with over $100 worth of extras and access to all areas of the event!

The event will feature live music from EDJACATED PHOOLS, THE ROGUE CITIZENS, ELECTRIC LOVE MACHINE, STRATUS FEAR and SOOHAN. These bands feature reggae, rock, hip hop, future wave/space disco, ska and dance to cover all of your listening needs!

Those with a high eye for the arts will be pleased to check out the GRAFFITI ART GALLERY featuring live tag art. You can always float over and check out the work that goes into those amazing glass pieces we all love with LIVE GLASS BLOWING! And for those toking gamers, no worries, they didn’t forget about you. You can get your game on at the SNES GAMING LOUNGE, plus much more! Including vendors like ourselves featuring the right merchandise and tools to help you get to the level you need to be! Did I mention there will be food for the munchies as well?(There will be NO SALE of cannabis at this event, MMCC card holders are welcome to bring their BUDS!)

These festivals are so much more than a place to enjoy our ELEVATED holiday. They are a place where we can fight the stigma around Cannabis and her users. Yes, we all love to relax and enjoy, but we also need the world to see that what was once taboo, is no longer now that the cloud of lies has been lifted. It’s time for a new cloud! A cloud from our smoke that shows we aren’t lowlifes, but we are productive members of society that just want an opportunity to treat our aliments or relax after a stressful day of work and life with a safe, natural choice.

So hurry over to Charmcitysmokefest.com get you one of those remaining VIP TICKETS. Have a look around to see what fun you will be having!

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  1. I saw that the tickets are 4.20 for general admission through ticket tailor. Is that legitimate?

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