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New Bacon-ings Burger, A Loot Crate’s Bob’s Burgers Recipe Review!

Deciding to review the Bob’s Burgers New Bacon-ings Burger featured out of a Loot Crate box was based on more than wanting a killer munchie. It was based on our love for the show, our love for bacon burgers and our new found love of reviewing awesome shit! But see this one, this FIRST ONE, means a little more. The New Bacon-ings Burger, and look where we are.. in the middle of a New Beginning.

Over the course of 7 years or so ago we started the Reefer Renegades, about three years ago we decided to start the transition to be less of an activist type group, to a screen printing t-shirt company with a want to entertain; all while ELEVATED. And now here we are, in our own little New Bacon-ings! So sit back, ELEVATE yourself as you please, and get ready to get hungry!

A little disclaimer is needed:

You see, we had a real slow machine for editing. And well, this was the first draft of the video, to see what all I wanted to cut, and what sounds I may want to add. So I had to go through about an 18 hour render to be able to see this smoothly. I knew I was in the market for something that would be a little faster, so I waited for the edit.

Well, here I am on my new Dell G7. As I went to transfer my video files to my WD memory, I thought I had made a copy of my videos (edited and unedited), but no! I deleted all of my originals. Instead, I had two copies of my “finished” videos (Awesome), video files from a couple months of shooting, on their way to the editing phase… Yes, it has taken me a bit to get over this.

From our video description on YouTube:

“So after putting a little something in the air, we got the MUNCHIES!! Luckily Loot Crate sent an awesome Bob’s Burgers Recipe card box a few months ago and we decided to give it a try!! Come join JJ, Do’Rock, Q45 and Fresh make and enjoy these tasty bacon burgers. We do apologize, this was our first cut.. but we accidently deleted our master files and this video isn’t the greatest! About mid way the power goes out and though we get it back on and continue the burgers…there is a bit of down time!! Our apologies!! We are not associated with either Loot Crate or Bob’s Burgers… we just got high and hungry and wanted to give them a try!”  

Check out a few screenshot photos from the video below!

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