Limited/One of a Kind Prints

These shirts are either printed on a limited bases or they are One of a Kind prints. For most of our One of a Kind prints, we are printing a single pass with three colors. Many people do this, but we do it a little differently. As with all of our shirts, we use a water based ink. They are for the most part very loose, they blend easily and we take that to our advantage. Our press is set slightly off, and we print freely. If the ink used wasn’t mixed well, it will come through in the design. If someone gets a little sloppy, colors lay in areas they aren’t supposed to, and we print. These things add up to unique prints, many will be similar to the others, with a gradual change of colors. Others may come with a blip of color out of no where, making these prints extra unique. For these reasons we simply do not have the ability to catalog each individual shirt, but we will show you the color range, the colors used and how many of each size we carry. You just order the size you need and wait for your surprise in the mail!